Camp Summit prides itself in the vast variety of activities that our campers can participate in on a daily basis specifically designed to pique the interests of gifted, talented, and creative students. Activities can be found in three general categories: daily destinations, free time activities, and designated evening activities. All activities are monitored by staff to ensure the safety of each and every camper on a continual basis. 

Similar sessions for campers are offered at both Camp Summit West and Camp Summit East although there are some differences. Please click on either tab to obtain a detailed list of common and separate activities.

Daily Activities:

Each evening the campers are required to meet with their designated group leaders who direct them to the activities that will be offered the following day. Each day four different activities are offered each last approximately 75-80 minutes. Some activities, such as hikes, caving, rock climbing, etc., can last longer (up to a full day). Each child signs up for his/her desired destination and attends those activities the following day of camp. For those campers that change their mind at the last minute there is ample room to accomodate for their desired switch (this is why we record activity rosters in pencil). 

Free Time Activities:

Each day there are designated free time activities as well. They generally occur before and after meals and in the evening. It is during free time that campers are allowed to unwind (or wind up) and choose what it is they would like to do. Many campers use this time to read, play games, hang with staff, finish up art projects, or sleep. Again, all activities are supervised by staff.

Designated Evening Activities:

Most evenings at Camp Summit are characterized by some sort of organized event. One of the favorites is Capture-the-Flag. This event is an all-camper activity (although some choose to watch from the sidelines) and generally one that everyone enjoys. It also serves to expend a little extra energy. Other evening events include the Talent Show, Theme Night, and the Campfire. These fun, and quite interesting, activities are organized and run by our  awesome camp counselors and are a big hit with the campers each year.

Camp Summit is an all inclusive and affirming camp.  Each camp is independently owned and operated.

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